When working at Liverpool Cathedral, in the restaurant, I was nominated for a place on an initiative with The Mersey Partnership which matched Managers with Mentors from Senior Management roles within Liverpool. I was lucky enough to have got Jane and we clicked right away. Jane inspired me and gave me great support and direction with whatever challenge I faced during the 6 month programme.

Jane opened my eyes to many different aspects of the hospitality industry and management in general. She is a very patient, kind, supportive and inspirational person and I was honoured and considered myself very lucky to have been introduced to Jane who took time out of her very busy schedule to mentor me. Jane has so much to offer to other people of all ages. I believe I not only got a great mentor but I gained a great friend.

Michelle C | Focus Coaching Client

Jane is a motivational, inspiring and truly caring coach. I have worked with Jane for four years now, starting from my last year of university and she has helped me through many situations and taught me many techniques for coping with change and deciding on career direction. I can always rely on Jane to be supportive in any situation in both life and career choices. Since Jane moved to Dubai last year she has remained an important part of my life.

Sarah C | Focus Coaching Client

Jane is an excellent coach, she is professional with a sense a humour and most importantly achieves the right balance between challenge and support.

Margo K | Focus Coaching Client


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