Expat Coaching is to assist international companies by helping their expat employees, and their partners to feel at home during the critical settling in period.

My approach focuses on the accompanying partner to reduce the stress resulting from the feeling of isolation and uncertainty, which can have a negative effect on the whole family and in some cases lead to an early termination of the assignment or break-up of the family.

Following these coaching sessions clients will:

• Better understand the cultural differences between the Arab culture and their own.
• Understand the process they are going through while settling in.
• Regain their own identity.
• Establish how they want to live their life while staying in the UAE.
• Set out new priorities and values.

As a result of Expat Coaching, clients will find a balanced and happy life away from their home country. Living abroad can be very exciting but can also cause anxiety and stress. Coaching can give back a feeling of security and assist clients in fully enjoying their new expat life.

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